junaili apricot face oil 1Magic in a Bottle! That’s precisely how I can explain the Junaili Apricot Face Oil in one sentence. So after loving the Junaili Apricot Body Oil and Body Scrub, i was eagerly waiting ever since Junaili had also disclosed that they’d be launching their Face Oil pretty soon. And much to my surprise and luck, i received the Face Oil in the Reverie Box for November 2016 🙂

I have been loving using the Face Oils as it works pretty well for my dry and sensitive skin type when i layer it over my night time moisturiser. Until a few days back, i was using the Alanna Miracle Night Serum which i will review soon. But as it was soon getting over instead of repurchasing it i thought to give the Junaili Apricot Face oil a try instead. So i have been using the Junaili Apricot Face Oil since a little over 2 weeks and i must say i am super impressed with it. Read on to find out more…

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So after the super awesome launch of Reverie Box last month, i was so excited to see which products had team Reverie curated for the month of November 🙂

For those who are still unaware, REVERIE BOX is a luxury beauty subscription box and they ensure that only the brands that are completely cruelty-free, Natural, GMO free and Eco-friendly* are being sent in their monthly subscription box.

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