Alanna Dew Fresh Day Cream & Alanna Night Miracle Night Cream (6)

If you have been following me from quite some time, by now you must have realised that i am a complete Natural Skincare products lover! And that i love to try out products from different natural skincare brands which are not Overtly commercialized (FE and the likes). Because i feel if you claim a product to be 100% Natural and that only 100% natural ingredients are used…Even the price of it should be affordable… after all not all of us can shell out 2K – 4K on a Natural Skincare Cream! I know i have been guilty of wasting my money on such Luxurious Natural skincare brands as well :p but then we learn from our mistakes dont we? 🙂

So coming back to today’s topic, in my this quest of finding affordable natural skincare brands, i stumbled upon Alanna – Naturally Beautiful’s Instagram page in the Starting of October 2016.

Rashi Bahel who is the owner of Alanna was very sweet enough to suggest me products after understanding my skin requirements. And that is when i started using their Dew Fresh Day Cream and Night Miracle Face Oil.

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Hey Girls,

Today i am going to share my thoughts about a new range of natural herbs based personal care products from a newly launched brand JivaVrksa. JivaVrksa is a self-funded group who believe that “Being natural is at the core to continue being who we are!”

So team JivaVrksa was very kind enough to send me a PR Kit consisting of all of their 4 products : Hair Wash, Body Wash, Face Wash, and a Face Pack alongwith a beautiful booklet which was made out of recycled paper and a lovely hand written note from Ms. Deepa Packiyanath (owner of JivaVrksa)

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So i was really intrigued to know that all these products are hand-made by using only all-natural ingredients. Also these ingredients are carefully crafted to ensure that no chemical preservatives, artificial dyes or colors even came close to the products. I honestly had no clue that even the Hair Wash could be in the powder form 🙂 And that’s when i knew that these products are absolutely pure and in its true form without any preservatives or fillers.

Right from the packaging of the PR kit, Packaging of products to the products itself. It is pretty evident that JivaVrksa promotes sustainable living either by taking us a step closer to nature or by supporting the people creating these natural products.

So lets dig in to the products 🙂

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Of late i have been obsessed with using Face Oils in my night time skincare routine. Coz (A) They can give you that added boost of moisture which is lacking in your normal moisturiser (B) they make your dry skin vanish in seconds (C) You wake up with baby soft glowing skin.

Initially i was very apprehensive of using Oil on my face . However after doing some online research i found out that facial oils could be the MISSING step in your skincare routine in achieving that flawless skin. As they are loaded with natural substances with high concentration of essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Also Since Facial Oils are free from fillers, preservatives, perfumes, thickeners which are usually found in Creams and moisturisers they tend to work better than creams. Now if you are an oily skin person and are wondering how on this earth can i use another Face Oil over my already oily skin. Hold On! Research has found that these Facial Oils can actually help regulate the overproduction of oil and sebum in your skin and if used correctly can also get rid of acne. So using a face oil is absolutely safe for oily skinned individuals too.

Now you can use facial oils on its own or use it over a moisturiser to lock in the moisture. It would all depend on your skintype and yes it would require some experiments on your part to know what works best for your skin.

Personally for me i love using face oils on its own at night time. And the one Oil i am currently obsessed with is the Alanna Night Miracle Serum. Read on to find out more.

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