Hey Dolls,

Happy Wednesday! :p So i am sure you guys must have enjoyed a lot in Diwali!! I had gone to my native place for Diwali to enjoy with my inlaws and had an amazing time too! I love Diwali because of the lights and celebration all around. And the one thing that helped me stay looking radiant during this festive time is the Aroma Essentials Orange Splash Face Wash. As you all might have already known by now, i totally swear by Aroma Essentials products. And this product is no different.

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Hey Dolls!!

So in today’s Post I and my Blogger Friend Priyanka from Petals of Beauty have collaborated together to share with all you beautiful ladies our Night Time Skin Care routine. She has a “Combination Skin Type”. So do head over to her blog to know her skincare routine HERE . Through this post, we really hope that it would help you to establish a Skin Care routine of your own if you haven’t yet been following one 🙂

Skin as we all know is the body’s largest organ and one of the most important, as it protects us from microbes and also helps regulate body temperature. In simple terms you can say that if Beauty is the Picture, Skin is the Canvas. You can use the best of the paint for painting the picture but if your canvas is not good enough the picture won’t look perfect. As they say “ No amount of makeup can cover bad skin”

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Aroma essentials rose face wash review (2)

Hey Dolls,

Happy Weekend! :p Weekends for most of us means relaxation and pampering! And so today i would like to talk about one such product that helps me pamper my skin with some much needed TLC not just on the weekends but everyday 🙂

Roses have been used as a potent beauty ingredient since ancient times. The ancient Greeks and Romans used rose petals not only in their bathing routine but also in skincare. That is because rose essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties making it a perfect ingredient for having beautiful skin.

The product that i am going to be talking today is the Aroma Essentials Rose Face Wash  that i have been using since the last 1 month. And which i have become inseparable with. Though i had bought some other products too from Aroma Essentials, but this Face wash has been the one that has worked extremely well on my skin.

So lets dig into the post 🙂

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spa ceylon green mint cooling foot scrub

Taking care of your entire body, including your feet is very important to look well groomed. Though most of us do take care of our face and body, our Feets are mostly ignored. Though you may not indulge yourself in regular pedicures, but some scrubbing and soaking at home will surely give your feet that tender loving care 🙂 So today i am going to talk about one such product that was introduced to me by Fab Bag 🙂 And which has been a part of my own Weekend Pampering time at home 🙂 It is the Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub.

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Pure Suds Skincare Products Haul

pure suds products review

So it was serendipity that i happened to stumble upon ‘Pure Suds’ facebook page one day and was pretty impressed with the products offered by them. As you all know i am a complete sucker for anything natural and homemade i am always game to try out anything that is sans any chemicals. The best part about going handmade is eliminating harsh chemicals from ones daily skin care routine and feeding our skin with ”real” ingredients that work miracles. and i truly believe that “Your skin is what you feed it with”

So a little bit about the brand 🙂

Pure Suds was started in 2014 by Mrs. Bhavna Ranka who herself like most of us in quest of the perfect flawless skin tried and failed using high end skincare resulting in terrible skin break outs. Read more of her story here

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