Will there be any girl in this world whose day wouldn’t get instantly better the moment your Beauty Subscription box arrives on your doorsteps? :p Mine surely does! From the moment i receive a mail about the package being handed over to the courier company i keep on beaming with excitement eagerly waiting for the awesome package of goodies to reach me :p

So if you are a beauty lover and love to try out new makeup / skin care products, then go ahead and do subscribe to the Subscription boxes 😛

The concept is simple enough :

  • Pay a small monthly fee, then wait for a box of goodies to show up at your door.
  • Love what you got? Keep it coming!
  • Try out the products and if you like it order full size of the same.

I have subscribed to 2 of such Subscription Boxes One being Fab Bag and the other is My Envy Box which is the one I am going to be reviewing today.

How did it fare this month check out more in my review below 🙂

My Envy Box for January 2016 looked like this! It came in a pretty Blue colored Box with Happy New Year 2016 Inscribed in Golden print on it.

my envy box january 2016 (7)

Following were the products which i received in My Envy box for January 2016

(1) Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash (Received Sample size of 5.67 g):

my envy box january 2016 (8)

So this was the first product that caught my attention as soon as i opened My Envy Box of January 2016. I have read about Skin Yoga products a lot and so was really happy to be receiving the sample in this months box. The Face wash Powder came in a glass jar with a cock stopper in unique wooden box which was really appealing. It has a Granular powdered texture and contains Oats Powder, Rose Powder, Rose Petals. You need to Add few drops of water to make a paste and then use it to wash your face. You can read my complete review here     (Full product comes for Rs. 1,450/- for 50 gm)

(2) Mantra Kokkum Butter and Pistachio Winter Care Lotion (Received 100 ml bottle):

my envy box january 2016 (3)

I Received a Delux size Sample Bottle of the Winter care lotion from Mantra. Mantra again is an Ayurvedic Brand which claims that all of its products remain largely undiluted by additives and uncorrupted by chemicals which means they are 100 % free from Parabens, SLES, Silicon and many other chemicals. it contains Kokkum Butter, Pistachio blended with Almond Oil which are known for nourishing and moisturizing the skin thereby making it healthy and glowing. For complete review click HERE 🙂  (Full Size product comes for Rs. 1,100/- for 250 ml)

(3) L’Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Lychee Lust (Full Size):

my envy box january 2016 (6)

This was the Full size product in this month’s My Envy Box. It is a gloss but in a Balm Form. This shade is a beautiful Baby Pink. With tiny glittery particles. This shade doesn’t look too pigmented, but is a good option if you just want a hint of pink with moisturising effect. I have yet to try this out. Shall post the swatches soon. (It retails for Rs. 475/-)

(4) O3 White Day Cream (Received 2 Sample Units of 10 ml each):

 my envy box january 2016 (4)

O3+ White Day Cream claims to reduce skin pigmentation and enhance skin tone. It also has UVA and UVB protection that helps in preventing sun tan. This cream is suitable with people having Normal / Dry and Pigmented Skin. Since i am extremely fanatic person with respect to Sun protection and tanning. I am really excited to try this product out to test its efficacy.  (Full Size product comes for Rs. 775/-)

(5) Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Women  (Received tester):

my envy box january 2016 (5)

Eternity Now has a very luminous yet intimate scent. It’s modern yet classic scent that will be lingering on you all day long.. I sprayed this on my wrists and after about 5 hours It still smelled great! Love this Fragrance! (Full Size product of 50 ml is for Rs. 3,800/-)

So those were the products that i received in My Envy box for January 2016.I am pretty much pleased with the products that i received this month. Especially the Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash Have you got yours yet? Which product did you like the most? 🙂

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Until Next Time,

ria rajendran


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