junaili apricot face oil 1Magic in a Bottle! That’s precisely how I can explain the Junaili Apricot Face Oil in one sentence. So after loving the Junaili Apricot Body Oil and Body Scrub, i was eagerly waiting ever since Junaili had also disclosed that they’d be launching their Face Oil pretty soon. And much to my surprise and luck, i received the Face Oil in the Reverie Box for November 2016 🙂

I have been loving using the Face Oils as it works pretty well for my dry and sensitive skin type when i layer it over my night time moisturiser. Until a few days back, i was using the Alanna Miracle Night Serum which i will review soon. But as it was soon getting over instead of repurchasing it i thought to give the Junaili Apricot Face oil a try instead. So i have been using the Junaili Apricot Face Oil since a little over 2 weeks and i must say i am super impressed with it. Read on to find out more…

Price : Rs. 400/- for 30 ml


Best Suited for – Dry and Sensitive Skin

Ingredient – Cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Geranium Leaf Essential Oil.

Packaging – The Junaili Apricot Face Oil comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper which is so essential and convenient for dispensing the oil.

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My Experience using the Junaili Apricot Face Oil

The Junaili Apricot Face Oil has a Sweet fragrance unlike the Body Oil but it is quite pleasant and wouldn’t bother the most sensitive nose. This oil is very light in weight and gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin. I generally use about 4-5 drops and warm it into my palms before patting it on my cleansed face until it gets completely absorbed. I also like to use my ring finger to apply it around my eye area. It has been almost a little more than 2 weeks since i have started using this oil and i must say that it does take time to work. The initial 1 week i didn’t see any noticeable difference in my skin. But later on my skin did start feeling a lot more supple and nourished with a subtle glow every morning. My skin does feel well rested every morning. Its too early for me to say whether it fades away the dark spots or not, but i have definitely seen huge difference in the appearance of my Dark Circles. Till date none of the under eye creams that i have used has been effective in getting rid of my panda eyes. But the Junaili Apricot Face Oil definitely works amazingly well.

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Lets see the benefits of the ingredients in this oil :

Geranium Leaf Essential Oil : It helps fade scars, prevents skin from sagging and is anti-bacterial.

Apricot Kernel Oil : Anti-Ageing face oil, helps fade scars and is rich in Omega 6 & 9

Sometimes the Simplest components work best in skincare, and the same is the case is with this face oil. Both these oils work great as a face oil and deliver what they claim.

If you have extra extra dry skin you could layer this oil over your moisturiser. But for people with Normal / Oily and Dry skin, just using this during the night time will suffice. I was kind of apprehensive if this would break me out, but luckily it didn’t.

I would highly recommend you all to check out Junaili Products as they are completely sans any chemicals / parabens / SLS / and Sulphates.

Until Next Time xoxo,

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  1. Prachi Mehra - December 7, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Can you tell if I, an 18 year old can use it? I’m perplexed because it is anti-ageing

    • admin - January 1, 2018 at 9:55 am

      Hey dear since it is all natural it is safe for any one to use it 🙂


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