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If you’re someone like me who is trying to find your Holy Grail Skincare Regime i am sure you must have gone through this process a lot –>  Research, Buy and Try and then Dump the products coz it didnt work out and you go back to Square One! I know it can be quite frustrating after you try something out based on the rave reviews and it doesnt work for you!

When it comes to Face Washes and Toners, i do have my favorites, but up until now I haven’t found THE moisturizer for my temperamental Dry Sensitive skin. There have been some that have come close, but just when I think I’ve hit the jackpot (usually after 2 weeks) it starts to cause Irritation and Clogged Pores. Some would still work but would do nothing for my existing spots and pigmentation.

So when i received the PR package from Daughter Earth to try out their Skincare Range, i was excited for sure but didn’t want to keep my hopes high. However i am so glad it changed my thoughts 🙂 So lets dig into the review shall we?

Daughter Earth is the first brand in India that has formulated its products by combining Ayurveda and Green Biochemistry. And all their products are Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda) Certified, 100% Vegan , Cruelty Free and do not have a single drop of toxic chemicals  such as Parabens, phthalates, sulfates and Synthetic fragrances. You can check out their Website HERE

The Daughter Earth Sincare Range consists of Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum, Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser, Active Botanical Face Wash and Antioxidant Lip Balm

So its been a month since I have been using the entire range of products. And its time I share my experience with you all about how the products fared for me starting with the Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser Review

Claims of the Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser : Youth preserving plant nutrients provide long-lasting hydration, tighten the look and leave the skin elastic and supple, tackling finelines and wrinkles. Lightweight, non-greasy and ultimate in radiance and youth- preserving treatment.

Price : Rs. 1,250/- for 30 ml BUY HERE 

So Daughter Earth was kind enough to provide me with a 10% Discount Code for my readers. So if you wish to purchase any product from them you can use the code RIASGIFT10% and get 10% Discount on it 🙂

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Ingredients :

  • Contains Noni fruit extract that has skin brightening and anti-inflammatory properties: also an excellent skin rejuvenator
  • Butea Monosperma (Palash), and Rubia Cordifolia (Manjista) macerated in carrier plant oils improve skin microcirculation and even skin tone
  • Youth preserving herbs such as frankincense, gotu kola, geranium and carrot seed oils help dissolve fine lines and fight free radical damage
  • Extract of Indian Senna (Cassia Angustifolia) mimics Hyaluronic Acid and gives a plumped look by quenching the thirsty skin
  • Watermelon, Red Raspberry and Pomegranate seed extracts prevent signs of premature aging by protecting skin from free-radical damage and environmental stress factors.
  • Rosemary acts as a natural preservative while Vitamin E in Grapeseed oil and Almond oil protects the emulsion
  • Rose and sandal wood soothe, and protect the skin with natural anti-microbial and astringent properties.

Packaging : It comes in a Plastic container with pump dispenser that makes it so convenient and travel friendly. I absolutely detest products that come in jars as i dont like to contaminate the products by dipping my fingers in it .

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My Experience using the Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser :

The Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser has a very light texture and is off white in color. You only need one pump of it to adequately moisturize your entire face. The fragrance of this Moisturiser is absolutely divine! Just like how Aromatherapy Spas smell!

I usually apply just this Moisturiser during the day, and use it after the Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum at night for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.

The Phytonutrient Moisturiser feels extremely light on the skin and it gives your skin a healthy beautiful glow that looks lit-from-within healthy. Also it has almost gotten rid of all spots on my face and pigmentation around my mouth which i was honestly quite surprised with!

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It’s a great moisturizer that works well on so many levels.  You can use it under makeup as a base and it won’t make your foundation slide off, and you dont even need any additional Sunscreen / Sunblock since it contains Ingredients like red raspberry and carrot seed oil which offer natural Sun Protection, and Ingredients like water melon seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, manjista, and Noni that tackle photo aging by protecting from UV and sun damage by quenching free radicals generated by Sun. So that’s one less product in your skincare!

Ever since i have started using the Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser my skin hasn’t got any irritations or dry patches or the mandatory purging (which usually happens if i include any new skincare product). The Fine lines on my forehead have vanished , and my skin looks radiant and more refined.

Overall to sum up everything the Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser is an extremely gentle and very effective daily moisturizer that works equally good for Sun Protection. It made my skin soft, supple, and spots free, while pushing out those fine lines on my forehead. I am 34, so I know those wrinkles are coming soon whether I want it or not, but with this moisturiser I feel like I can safely see a few more years of line-free skin 🙂

Until next time xoxo,

ria rajendran

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