Daughter Earth Active Botanical Face Wash (3)

Cleansing your face is probably the most important yet understated practice. And at the same time finding the right kind of cleanser that would not only strip away all impurities from your skin but also leave it supply is another task. So Recently i got to try out the entire range of Daughter Earth products and today i am going to share my review about the Daughter Earth Active Botanical Face Wash.

Daughter Earth is the first brand in India that has formulated its products by combining Ayurveda and Green Biochemistry. And all their products are Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda) Certified, 100% Vegan , Cruelty Free and do not have a single drop of toxic chemicals  such as Parabens, phthalates, sulfates and Synthetic fragrances. You can check out their Website HERE

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dermavive (2)

Hey Dolls,

Hope you all are doing good 🙂 So in todays Post, i wanted to share with you all an amazing brand Called Dermavive, which is basically an Australian brand that has recently launched its products in India.

Now I am sure We all know how beneficial is oatmeal as a health food. But did you know that oatmeal works amazingly well for your skin too? Yes! it does 🙂 Oatmeal possesses Amazing skin care benefits as it not only cleanses and nourishes the skin but also helps in healing the skin.

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ilana organics

Hey Girls,

So if you have been following my blog from a while, you would know how much i am obsessed with Natural Skin care products 🙂 And this obsession actually began ever since i got to know about the Ill effects of Chemical Laden Products.

Many people argue that parabens and other chemicals in your skin care are bad only if ingested, but they can’t penetrate your skin so you don’t have anything to worry about. The fact is, much of what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. And it will affect you in the long run! So if you haven’t yet switched to using Natural Skincare products, then you should definitely start considering it 🙂

So about 3 weeks back i got a chance to try out some ILANA organics Products, and i couldn’t be happier as ILANA offers a range of hand-made personal care products made from all natural organic ingredients. And their  range of products contain face and body scrubs, face creams and body butters, mud masks, hair and face serums, bath bombs, bath salts, eye care, lip care, aromatherapy and a lot more..

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stately essentials (9)

Hey Girls,

So in today’s post i am going to be reviewing the Hair Care range of ‘Stately Essentials’ which is an upcoming Luxury brand owned by C&K Lifecare Pvt Ltd.

Stately Essentials is soon going to be launched and they will have a range of bath gels, soaps, shampoos, body lotions, hair conditioners and a wide range of complete beauty essentials. The best part about these products is that it is manufactured only by using natural ingredients thus making them free from chemicals like sulphate and paraben.

So in the beautiful PR package that they had sent me there were 3 Hair Care Products too which I am going to be reviewing today.

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