how i shave my eyebrows

Hey Girls,

So tody i am goung to share with you all why and how i like to Shave my eyebrows 🙂 I know threading eyebrows is probably one of the most irritating task in a girls life, and it gets even more bothersome when the beautician never listens to you and ruins the shape of your eyebrows by plucking out extra 😐

I know like me a lot of girls must have gone through this, so today i am sharing this super easy and simple way to get rid of your Extra Eye Brow hair.

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valley view (1)

Being a sucker for natural skincare products, i am always up to try out new stuff. So when i actually got the opportunity to try out the Face & Body Masque and the Hair masque by Valley View i was more than excited 🙂

Valley View Organic Orchard & Farmstay LLP has recently announced their foray into the beauty & grooming segment with the launch of two Organic & natural products for both men & women. The products have been created by India’s leading makeup artist & hair stylist Jojo and Grooming & Image consultant Yatan Ahluwalia.

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seer secrets

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you had an amazing weekend 🙂  So Summers are pretty much in full swing and i know a lot of you are just waiting for monsoon to arrive! The only thing that i love about summers apart from sipping on my Cold Smoothies are the pampering shower sessions. And so i love to stock up on Body Washes to keep myself smelling fresh. So when i got the opportunity to test out few of the Body Washes by Sage Apothecary from their Seer Secrets Range i was more than excited!!

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Alanna Dew Fresh Day Cream & Alanna Night Miracle Night Cream (6)

If you have been following me from quite some time, by now you must have realised that i am a complete Natural Skincare products lover! And that i love to try out products from different natural skincare brands which are not Overtly commercialized (FE and the likes). Because i feel if you claim a product to be 100% Natural and that only 100% natural ingredients are used…Even the price of it should be affordable… after all not all of us can shell out 2K – 4K on a Natural Skincare Cream! I know i have been guilty of wasting my money on such Luxurious Natural skincare brands as well :p but then we learn from our mistakes dont we? 🙂

So coming back to today’s topic, in my this quest of finding affordable natural skincare brands, i stumbled upon Alanna – Naturally Beautiful’s Instagram page in the Starting of October 2016.

Rashi Bahel who is the owner of Alanna was very sweet enough to suggest me products after understanding my skin requirements. And that is when i started using their Dew Fresh Day Cream and Night Miracle Face Oil.

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