Honeymoon is probably the most ‘memorable’ yet ‘eons of planning’ trip of ones life. After the endless and exhaustive wedding planning honeymoon is a period which is such a much needed break for the newly married couples. It is even more special for the couple since it would be the FIRST EVER trip taken together after getting married 🙂

Choosing the Destination is the biggest decision. But if you are sure it is Maldives where you both want to go. Then read further to read all about the next steps in planning that Perfect Magical Maldives Honeymoon 🙂

Maldives as most of us know is one of the all-time dream honeymoon destinations. After all where else can you find such surprisingly diverse resorts basking on secluded individual islands. These resorts are so perfect they almost defy belief. From the brilliant white sands, sparkling aquamarine lagoons and vibrant coral reefs. It’s no wonder this paradise on earth is a top honeymoon destination.

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The climate in the Maldives is driven by two main seasons

The Dry season (From December to April) which is usually the peak season and prices are generally high in these months.

Wet season (From May to November) Although there will be monsoon that occurs at this time, you’ll have the least company and best prices at the resorts.

VISA : Thirty-day tourist visas are issued on arrival to all visitors with a valid passport and a confirmed hotel reservation. These visas are free and there is no airport tax. You can extend this visa by a further 60 days by applying to the immigration department.


The local currency is Maldivian Rufiya (MRF), 1 US $ = 15.3693 MRF. In the resorts, US dollars is the most common currency and most used for tipping and paying the bill. Euros and Pounds are also widely accepted.


If you are looking for long holidays for more than a week, then maybe Maldives is not the right choice for you. A vacation of 5–7 days is just perfect. Things can get a bit tedious after 7 days of stay here. Moreover, mostly there is only a single resort on every island and travelling to other island is not only time-consuming but extremely expensive as well.

Points to consider before finalising your Maldives Honeymoon Package:

(1) Land Villas and Water Villas :The first question any travel agent will ever ask you for Maldives is this! Would you want a stay in a Beach villa or a Water Villa?

Beach Villas are Rooms / Cottages / Villas situated right on the beach.


Water Villas are Rooms / Cottages / Villas situated on stilts over the turquoise waters of the lagoon .These villas are connected by a wooden boardwalk to the main beach or sometimes even have to be reached through Speed boats from the beach area.

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So the question is do you want to have your own little private beach in which to soak up the sun or jump of the deck into the turquoise ocean below?

One thing to be aware while making this decision is that Water Villas are always expensive than Beach villas. The cost can vary depending on which resort you choose to stay in. The choice you’re making could make your budget shoot up by anything between just a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand too!

However the good news is that there are total 105 resorts in Maldives that can suit all ranges of varying budgets.You can check the list of all the resorts HERE on the Official Website of Maldives Tourism And if you are someone who won’t be revisiting Maldives again then I do feel you shouldn’t be missing stay in a Water Villa as it is magical!!!. And one should definitely experience it at least once in a lifetime 🙂

The Best Option for someone who wants to experience the best of both worlds is to split your stay between the Beach Villa and Water Villa. Which is what most of the Couples do.

Like for example : If your Honeymoon Trip is for 6 Days you spend 3 days in Beach Villa and 3 In Water Villa. The division of days depends on your preference.

(2) Transfer from Airport to Resort : Second thing to consider is how far is the Resort from the Male Airport? One resort is one island in the Maldives. Each island is separated from the rest by sea. That means you need a transfer to get there. Most of the travel agents and tour operators include transfer charges in the booking. If you make a direct booking the resort would probably include transfer in the package.

= Resort located close to Male’ International Airport often use speedboats for transfer. Speed Boat charges are generally very minimal $50 to $200 and usually included in the package.

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= For remote locations seaplanes are the most effective mode of transfer. (Again point of caution : Seaplane Transfers will Again Increase your budget up by few more hundred dollars).

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The minimum Sea Plane charges are $300 – 500$ Per Person for round trip. It can increase depending on the distance of the resort from the Male Airport. So while booking through a Travel Agent or If you are booking directly from the resort. Make sure to clear this point! i.e. If the Sea Plane charges are included or not.

(3) Food Preference : This is the third most important point to be considered : It is your meal preference which again will affect the budget 🙂 As your resort will most probably be the only resort on your island, you’ll have to eat your meals at the same resort. A single meal can easily cost $50 for a single person, including the tax of around 22%. As you will be living on an island, you cannot just wander off in search of cheaper meals and drinks. Hence Meal preferences will also play an important role in your budget.

The Following are the most common meal Preferences offered by the Resorts. And as per your requirement you can choose any Package:

Full Board All Inclusive: Full Board All Inclusive means, Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Snacks & Drinks (Alcohol) everything is included in the package. The Best and the most expensive package inclusion for people who LIVE TO EAT & DRINK 🙂

Full Board (FB) : Full Board means that Breakfast, Lunch and evening meals (Dinner) except alcohol are included in the price but any drinks or snacks outside of these meal times will cost you extra.

Full Board package is good for someone who like to have meals on fixed times and also for someone who do not want to carry too much cash while holidaying. Since all the meals are included in your package you don’t have to shell out any extra money on your food. As pretty much everything is included in the package price, this is the best type of board basis for non-alcoholic individuals.


Half Board (HB) : Breakfast and Dinner are both included in the price, meaning that any food or drink outside of meal times will cost you extra. This package is perfect for those who are happy spending the day lounging by the pool at the hotel after a Heavy Breakfast. Or wish to Skip Lunch.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) : This package is best for those who like to start the day with a good hearty breakfast but don’t want to be fixed to certain prearranged times for the rest of their meals, or want to eat different cuisines offered by the resort by paying for each dish that they order.

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Remember the above mentioned points while choosing to ensure that you pick the best resort in Maldives as per your needs and preferences and you will be well-prepared for your stay there!

Until Next Time xoxo

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