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nykaa compact

Hey Girls,

So Nykaa is on a Roll, they have recently launched their SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Compact currently available in 3 Shades and it retails for Rs. 525/-.

The USP of these Compacts as Nykaa has mentioned on their website is the Nano Particles present in  the compact which adapt to the color of your skin thereby giving you a soft matte finish.

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Puresense Revitalising Hair Cleanser & Conditioner scarlet blush blog ria rajendran (2)

Hey Girls,

Today i am going to be sharing my thoughts on the Puresense Haircare products. This brand caught my fancy when i actually saw a few established Youtubers reviewing there products recently. And ever since then i had been wanting to try out some of their products. So recently since i was almost out of my Tvakh Coffee Bean and Ginger Hair Stimulating Shampoo Review i went ahead and ordered the Puresense Revitalising Hair Cleanser & Conditioner from Nykaa. Being free from harmful chemicals , Sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehyde and Mineral oils i was really excited to try both these products to see how it would fair on my Damaged Chemically treated hair.

So PureSense is basically an Indian Brand and all of their products are manufactured in India itself with a few of the Ingredients sourced from France and Australia.

Stemming from their passion for pure and high quality products & consumer’s need for relaxation, Puresense claims that all of their products are carefully formulated using soothing organic extracts and safe ingredients and that their products are so pure and gentle that they help you unwind your mind & body.

So Puresense has 2 categories of Hair Care products. One is called as the Revitalising Range (meant for Oily to Normal Hair type) and the other is called as the Deep Nourishing range (meant for Dry hair). I was a little confused as to which range should i opt for as i have an Oily scalp and Dry Hair Combo. But since off late i felt my scalp getting oily a little too early than usual i thought to give the Revitalising Hair Cleanser and Conditioner a try. So let’s check out the products in detail :

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