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Hey Girls! 🙂

So as you all know i absolutely love “Beauty Subscription” boxes.But the thing that was a little dissapointing with some boxes that i have tried in the past was that, most of the times, the Subscription boxes used to contain tiny samples of products. Which wasnt enough to judge a product. Thats exactly the reason why i did not renew my subscription from Envy Box.

But when i got to know about this particular subscription box which only sends you Full size products, that also all Natural Products totally customised as per your skintype, Without a second thought i subscribed to it 🙂 yes i am talking about “GLOBOX” This is my First ever Globox that i have ordered and i must say i am prettty happy with it 🙂

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fab bag august 2016

Hey Babies 🙂

So well i am back with the Review of FAB BAG AUGUST 2016. So since i have taken the yearly subscription i got the FAB BAG pretty early! And needless to say i couldnt be more happier.

This month the theme is “What The Chic”. And Fab Bag had actually given us the option to choose a product and also choose the bag (either one of the previous Bags or the August Bag. And i opted for the August Bag since i didnt want to repeat any of the previous bag :p

And i must say i made a very good decision there! Cos just see how cute this Black & Purple Polka Dotted pouch looks! 🙂 The material like last month is faux leather.

So lets dig into the post to see the contents 🙂

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