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Hey everyone, today I am going to share with you all, Unboxing and Review of my First Ever MSM Box – January 2016. If you regularly follow my blog i am sure you know how much i love subscribing to Beauty boxes. I Have already been reviewing regularly FAB BAG and My Envy Box, and though i love the former, the latter has most of the times not fulfilled my expectations. I had heard a lot about MSM boxes and thought to give it a try.

It comes in two variants – MSM Express Box worth Rs.495 (which contains products of niche and upcoming brands) and MSM Select Box worth Rs.995 (which contains products of premium and established brands). Since i really wanted to try out products of Premium brands, I subscribed for the 6 months package of MSM Select Box which cost me Rs. 5545/- (Aprrox Rs. 924/- per month)

I must admit i did think twice, if paying so much would actually reap me benefits or it would be just another beauty box not worthy of the money i paid.

But to my surprise, my First MSM Select Box was a complete Steal!!!

The Tagline of MSM BOX  ”A LOT IN A LITTLE ” absolutely holds true for this month. I am super happy with the products that i received since only by paying Rs. 924/- the products that i received were for almost Rs. 2,700 Approx)

So let’s dig into the post and see what were the products that MSM Box (Select) sent me:

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Insta Store Review

If you are a makeup lover and Makeup products of International brands are on your wishlist, i can understand how difficult it must have been to lay your hands on them since these are not easily available in India.

I so well remember the time when some of my distant relative staying aborad would be coming to India and i would give them a list of makeup products to get for me  :p If you have done the same or have tried ordering online and had to go through the heart wrenching experience of paying double the Customs duty on those products then i totally empathize with you 🙁

Well the good news however is, that now we don’t really have to resort to such things. The reason being, just like online shopping which was once considered so risky has in the recent years become a craze, similiary Insta Stores are also becoming equally popular.

You may feel why the need to purchase from Insta stores, when there is, Flipkart, EBay etc…But if you compare the prices you will know that the products sold on these sites are insanely overpriced.

Though while purchasing through Insta Store, you do pay slightly more (but not so high compared to Amazon  /Flipkart / Ebay) for the products, the convenience of getting the products  immediately and delivered to your doorstep is worth the added costs.

Some people say that Insta Stores are risky, as there have been innumerable cases where the Insta Store owner vanishes after receiving the payment or cheats customers by delivering fake products. Some block the customers while some refuse to respond. So we really need to be aware of such Insta stores who con people like this.

If you haven’t ordered before, and arent sure which Insta Store is good then read below :

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Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette (17)

Influenced by the lustrous beauty of the original Revealed Palette, Coastal Scents presents the Revealed 2 palette which consists of twenty gorgeous mattes and shimmers.

I don’t really own the original Revealed palette, but the moment I saw this gorgeous palette on the IG page of one of the beauty bloggers that I follow I knew I had to get this! This again is Coastal Scents rendition or version inspired by the Urban Decay naked palette 3.

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette (13)

However, This palette definitely has more colours than the Naked Palette 3 like its predecessor. It has 20 colours in Matte and shimmer. And they are all influenced by the rose – brown – gold tones. Some of these shades are amazingly buttery, pigmented and super soft to apply, whereas, the few lighter ones are little chalky to apply. You will definitely need an eye primer as the lighter shades creases on my bare dry eye skin. But overall I am loving this palette. Since it has a perfect mix of the neutral shades for creating the everyday look and few darker shades to create your perfect smokey eyes too!

Read more to read the review and see the swatches :

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how to conceal dark circles

The most common Beauty Issue among women all around the world is “Dark Circles”. Dark Circles are generally caused by many factors the most common being “Sleep Deprivation”. Dark circles under the eyes can make you look older than you really are, and those who have them often get being told, “You look tired.”

However the good news is, Makeup is the most easiest quick fix you can rely on to cover up those deadly dark circles. Just by using few simple tricks you can combat your dark circles like a pro. Read below to find more :

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how to make your lipstick transfer proof (2)

Next to Eyes, the second attractive feature on our Face which we women love to accentuate are our Lips. I am an absolute Lipstick Cover and truly believe that

“A mouth without lipstick is like a Cake without Frosting” :p

As much as i love applying lipstick, what irritates me most is when the Lipstick transfers! 🙁 On to cups, Or on your gorgeous dress, or even on your Boyfriend’s Shirt 😉 😛

Most of the Lipsticks apart from the matte ones do transfer. But now you can prevent that from happening by following few simple steps:

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