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my envy box (1)
Hey Lovelies! I love the month of December, as there is so much happiness and celebrations all around! Though it is the last month of the year, it is even more special to me since I love to reminisce the memories in the past few months and also the eagerness of the new year, new hopes & dreams keeps me excited! 😀 Oops I seem to have got too philosophical :p Ok coming over to the topic for today ~ My Envy box for December 2015! My Envy Box arrived just in time to make me more gleeful with its amazing products! My Envy Box for November 2015 was a complete disappointment for me and I am sure for many other subscribers, who might have opted to subscribe to my Envy box looking at the October my Envy box which was a STEAL! After last month’s disappointment of receiving only samples, I wasn’t too excited for this month. Read on to find out more on how My Envy box fared this month!

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Uses of Ice in Skin care

A healthy, blemish free and glowing skin is every woman’s dream. And to get this most of us spend our hard earned money on Expensive skin care products and makeup loading our skin with chemicals & making it more worst. But what we fail to realize is that simple homemade rituals can also help us gain the skin we dream of without having to shell out those extra pennies.

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